Family Donnarumma Furious With Tingkah Raiola

Family Donnarumma Furious With Tingkah Raiola

Family of Gianluigi Donnarumma, reportedly frustrated with what the agent, Mino Raiola who often issued negative comments on AC Milan Agen Judi.

Early last summer, Donnarumma appeared certain to want to leave Milan after his agent was at odds with Milan, but eventually he decided to stay afloat.

Nevertheless, Raiola has since openly expressed his doubts about Milan’s new project on several occasions. Then the media in Ialia reported if the goalkeeper’s family was getting frustrated with Raiola’s actions.

Donnarumma’s own family actually appreciate if Raiola is consistent with his doubt on the new owners of Milan, they have also been in good touch with Raiola for some time.

Meanwhile, Donnarumma’s family will be very disturbing if the agent avoids a feud with Gigio’s club in public, but they still trust Raiola to represent Donnarumma….

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