Maradona Reveals The Advantages of Him Who Did Not Own Messi

Maradona Reveals The Advantages of Him Who Did Not Own Messi

Lionel Messi kerab referred to as an Argentine player figure who became the successor to Diego Maradona. Barcelona striker who earned the nickname La Pulga has all the ability in terms of the ball on the field to be aligned with Maradona.

Messi also has a style of play that is very similar to the legend, especially in terms of dribbling past the opponent. In terms of titles, Messi’s collection is even much more shiny than Maradona, despite not having a World Cup title.

However, Maradona mentions one ability himself that is not owned by Messi. It is the ability to motivate teammates.

Despite Messi being the captain of the Argentine national team and vice-captain at FC Barcelona, ​​Maradona does not see any leadership soul in his successor.

“What is the lack of Messi to be Maradona? There is something that can not be bought and has been in the self and become standard,” said Maradona as quoted from Football Espana.

“Messi will not be able to sit between 20 players to talk to them and provide motivation as I do,” he said.

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