Persib striker injury began to improve

Persib striker injury began to improve

More than two weeks, Persib Bandung wing attackers, Tantan must step aside due to injury experienced when defending team nicknamed Maung Bandung face Arema FC. Tantan claims his condition is now starting to improve after the treatment and start doing strenuous activities to maintain fitness.

“The condition of alhamdulillah started to improve, now riding bikes and swimming, the condition is not pain, just if jogging is still a bit sore,” said Tantan.

“It is recommended that doctors anticipate to maintain fitness, if the bike load does not rest on the leg muscles, but also the thighs and swimming should not be frog style for fear, so it must be gradual,” he said.

Talked about the possibility of playing when Persib travel to the headquarters of Sriwijaya FC, Monday (4/9/2017), Tantan claimed could not confirm it and still waiting for the team doctor’s decision.

“If the heart wants to quickly play, but yes see tomorrow alone if not, will not be forced first.”

“Although I can not fight yesterday, I can only pray for my friends and all the coaches to keep getting positive results.If you look good Persib game yesterday, let alone striker (Ezechiel) willing to work hard.It is the capital for the next match against Sriwijaya FC, “said Tantan.

Persegres Invite Two New Foreign Players to Persib Headquarters Bandung

Persegres Invite Two New Foreign Players to Persib Headquarters Bandung

Persegres Gresik United entourage of 17 players left for Bandung on Friday (18/08/2017) morning. They will challenge the host Persib Bandung in the game 21st week of League 1, Sunday (20/08/2017).

In the group, tucked two brand-new name foreign players Joko Samudro Warriors team that Sasa Zecevic and Yusuke Kato. Sasa is projected to be a substitute Goran Gancev in the stopper position, while Kato became successor Choi Hyun-yeon in the midfield sector.

“If both have been brought along with the entourage, as I know, their licenses are definitely fixed and can be played. If it is not sorted out, why both invited to the party, is not in vain that name, “said coach Persegres, Hanafi, Friday (18/08/2017).

In addition to two foreign players new, the other players who are invited are Fitrul Dwi Rustapa, Choirun Nasirin, Ade Suhendra Syahrul Mustafa, Ahmad Sembiring, Andre’s son, Jusmadi, Roni Rhosadi, David Faristian, Loudry Setiawan, Agus Indra Setiawan, Yusuf Efendi, Arsyad Yusgiantoro, Arga Permana and Patrick da Silva.

“Although the composition of the team changes, I wish kids still provide maximum resistance to Persib in the match, as already they have shown in the first round and even then we lost with a goal at the end of the game,” said Hanafi.

Arsyad Yusgiantoro, who previously could not be performed when the team lost 0-4 Persipura Jayapura 0-4 on penalties due to card accumulation, claimed to be ready to perform when given the trust.

“Just ready mas. I will try to play as well as possible and off, if it is believed to appear by the coach. I will try to play off without a load, although the defense is also not easy to break. The point will be hard work, “said Arsyad.

In the first round of League 1, Persegres lost 0-1 when host Persib. It happened after Michael Essien’s pass followed by Febri Hariyadi, successfully maximized by Billy Keraf at the end of the game.