Pardo slams the professionalism of Chilean players

Pardo slams the professionalism of Chilean players

Claudio Bravo’s wife Carla Pardo denounces the professionalism shown by some Chilean national team players

Chile failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, having lost 3-0 to Brazil in their last group phase match. Pardo openly voiced support for her husband, but she also did not hesitate to criticize the professionalism shown by some Chilean players.

“Thank you for all the wonderful times you’ve given me, my national team. Thank you Captain America [Bravo] for all the moments we’ve shared, “he wrote in his Instagram account.

“But when a person is wearing a national costume, he should wear the costume with professionalism. I know that the majority of the players who are there are willing to work hard, but some of them are busy partying, even skipping practice, because of the feeling they get drunk. ”

“If this shoe is right for us, then we should wear it. We can not cry anymore. Right now, our whole country is crying, and we all wait for you with open arms. “

Lopetegui Not Calm despite Spain’s Party of Eight Goals

Lopetegui Not Calm despite Spain’s Party of Eight Goals

The Spanish national team won a landslide victory over Liechtenstein in the 2018 World Cup qualifying match Game Judi Online. Sergio Ramos led his colleagues to score eight goals without reply to Liechtenstein national team in Group G duel allowance on Tuesday (5/9/2017) or Wednesday morning GMT.

This victory makes Spain steady at the top of the standings. La Furia Roja collected a total of 22 points, three points ahead of Italy who was ranked second.

Despite winning with a landslide score, coach Julen Lopetegui claimed not to feel calm. Spain to date has not yet made sure the tickets qualify automatically for the 2018 World Cup finals.

Realizing this, Lopetegui feels his team is not yet in a favorable position. They must fight again in the remaining two matches.

“We are said to be close to the tickets to qualify for the World Cup, but actually it does not mean anything,” said Lopetegui as reported by from Marca.

“We still have to face two tough opponents in October,” he added.

The two opponents are Lopetegui is Albania which is now ranked third in Group G and Israel. The last national team was called quite difficult for the Italian national team in a match that was held simultaneously with Liechtenstein vs Spain where Israel only lost 0-1 at the headquarters of Italy.

Spain will act as host against Albania on Saturday (7/10/2017). Three days later, it was Sergio Ramos et al turn to visit Israel.

Sampaoli Praise Lionel Messi Performance

Sampaoli Praise Lionel Messi Performance

Despite failing to win in the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay, coach Jorge Sampaoli in particular delivered praise to Lionel Messi.

In the game, Sampaoli played a trio of Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, and Mauro Icardi as starters, but the three players failed to break through a defense built by uruguay.

Even so, the coach in particular praised the performance shown by Messi, with him satisfied to see the effort displayed by the player.

“The three of them have tried, and they managed to create opportunities,” the coach told reporters. “There was even a penalty, which the referee had to give to Icardi.”

“Messi has a big part in this game. Throughout the game, we see how to set the course of the match, and present a very good match. “

The New Russian League Begins, The Strip of Violence Happens

The New Russian League Begins, The Strip of Violence Happens

A series of violent incidents occurred when the new Russian Premier League began Agen Sbobet. Clashes between supporters, clashes of supporters with police and the country’s police force are cracking down on fans who are making a fuss.

After the FIFA Confederations Cup runs well, the start of the Russian League season is tarnished with various violent incidents both on and off the pitch. Racism and police action are cruel since July 15th.

Even the player became the target of violence last month. First Spartak Moscow midfielder Roman Zoblin was injured by Dinamo Moscow fans who broke into the VIP ranks during the derby on 18 July. They take revenge as the player moves to city rivals.

Last week Russian striker Aleksandr Panov, who was a hero at Euro 2000 at the Stade de France, was attacked before Zenit’s game against Spartak Moscow at St. Petersburg.

Until the special Russian troops arrive (OMON), the fans release a punch to Panov and throw a coin at him. They were angry that Panov was known as a Spartak supporter even though he was born in St. Petersburg. Petersburg and played more than 100 matches for Zenit.

A few hours later the police used a batter while clashing with Spartak supporters who played a fire hose.

A week earlier St. Petersburg had to enter the stands during Tosno and Zenit’s match because of the many fans who used the firecrackers at the time.

The small fines of the Russian Football Federation for the misbehavior of their supporters proved to be impervious to them. Moscow’s dinamo was fined 425,000 rubles after their supporters fought in the stands with Spartak fans, lighting firecrackers and ridiculing black opponents.

This raises major concerns for the 2018 World Cup as they will host it next summer. Russia was repeatedly asked to prove they could maintain security, but this tarnished their efforts after successfully hosting the Confederations Cup. (Source: