Ancelotti: I’m Not Impatient To Meet With PSG

Ancelotti: I’m Not Impatient To Meet With PSG

Bayern Munich’s Bayern Munich tactician, Carlo Ancelotti recently admitted enthusiastic about the Champions League, after his team met with Paris Saint-Germain in the group phase Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Where, Bayern Munchen occupies Group B with PSG, Celtic FA and Anderlecht. PSG will also be the toughest opponent because it has targeted to become Champions League champions after bringing the world’s most expensive player, Neymar.

However, Ancelotti itself is less interested to highlight the quality of Les Parisiens. Where the Italian man is more interested to commemorate his heyday while still handling PSG in the period 2011-2013.

“Group B has wonderful memories while still handling PSG. Especially we will play PSG premises. And our other opponents are Celtic and Anderlecht, an interesting opponent, “Ancelotti told local media.

“Because, I have beautiful memories while still handling PSG,” he said.

Rojo Again Follow United Training Session

Rojo Again Follow United Training Session

Marcos Rojo seems to have recently re-trained with the Manchester United squad after four months of retirement due to a serious knee injury when the Europa League quarter-finals counter Anderlecht.

And yesterday’s training session, Luke Shaw and Ashley Young are also seen practicing to recover their stamina with injury.

Meanwhile, United manager Jose Mourinho revealed that last month the Argentine was impossible to play before December but as he had been back early.

Mourinho’s own team is currently at the top of English Premier League standings in two matches opener against West Ham and Swansea City with the score still-still 4-0.

The return of Shaw, Young, and Rojo will add to Mourinho’s left-side option, given United have so far not brought in any new players to fill the post.

Persegres Invite Two New Foreign Players to Persib Headquarters Bandung

Persegres Invite Two New Foreign Players to Persib Headquarters Bandung

Persegres Gresik United entourage of 17 players left for Bandung on Friday (18/08/2017) morning. They will challenge the host Persib Bandung in the game 21st week of League 1, Sunday (20/08/2017).

In the group, tucked two brand-new name foreign players Joko Samudro Warriors team that Sasa Zecevic and Yusuke Kato. Sasa is projected to be a substitute Goran Gancev in the stopper position, while Kato became successor Choi Hyun-yeon in the midfield sector.

“If both have been brought along with the entourage, as I know, their licenses are definitely fixed and can be played. If it is not sorted out, why both invited to the party, is not in vain that name, “said coach Persegres, Hanafi, Friday (18/08/2017).

In addition to two foreign players new, the other players who are invited are Fitrul Dwi Rustapa, Choirun Nasirin, Ade Suhendra Syahrul Mustafa, Ahmad Sembiring, Andre’s son, Jusmadi, Roni Rhosadi, David Faristian, Loudry Setiawan, Agus Indra Setiawan, Yusuf Efendi, Arsyad Yusgiantoro, Arga Permana and Patrick da Silva.

“Although the composition of the team changes, I wish kids still provide maximum resistance to Persib in the match, as already they have shown in the first round and even then we lost with a goal at the end of the game,” said Hanafi.

Arsyad Yusgiantoro, who previously could not be performed when the team lost 0-4 Persipura Jayapura 0-4 on penalties due to card accumulation, claimed to be ready to perform when given the trust.

“Just ready mas. I will try to play as well as possible and off, if it is believed to appear by the coach. I will try to play off without a load, although the defense is also not easy to break. The point will be hard work, “said Arsyad.

In the first round of League 1, Persegres lost 0-1 when host Persib. It happened after Michael Essien’s pass followed by Febri Hariyadi, successfully maximized by Billy Keraf at the end of the game.

The New Russian League Begins, The Strip of Violence Happens

The New Russian League Begins, The Strip of Violence Happens

A series of violent incidents occurred when the new Russian Premier League began Agen Sbobet. Clashes between supporters, clashes of supporters with police and the country’s police force are cracking down on fans who are making a fuss.

After the FIFA Confederations Cup runs well, the start of the Russian League season is tarnished with various violent incidents both on and off the pitch. Racism and police action are cruel since July 15th.

Even the player became the target of violence last month. First Spartak Moscow midfielder Roman Zoblin was injured by Dinamo Moscow fans who broke into the VIP ranks during the derby on 18 July. They take revenge as the player moves to city rivals.

Last week Russian striker Aleksandr Panov, who was a hero at Euro 2000 at the Stade de France, was attacked before Zenit’s game against Spartak Moscow at St. Petersburg.

Until the special Russian troops arrive (OMON), the fans release a punch to Panov and throw a coin at him. They were angry that Panov was known as a Spartak supporter even though he was born in St. Petersburg. Petersburg and played more than 100 matches for Zenit.

A few hours later the police used a batter while clashing with Spartak supporters who played a fire hose.

A week earlier St. Petersburg had to enter the stands during Tosno and Zenit’s match because of the many fans who used the firecrackers at the time.

The small fines of the Russian Football Federation for the misbehavior of their supporters proved to be impervious to them. Moscow’s dinamo was fined 425,000 rubles after their supporters fought in the stands with Spartak fans, lighting firecrackers and ridiculing black opponents.

This raises major concerns for the 2018 World Cup as they will host it next summer. Russia was repeatedly asked to prove they could maintain security, but this tarnished their efforts after successfully hosting the Confederations Cup. (Source:

Conte’s answer when asked about the news of Diego Costa

Conte’s answer when asked about the news of Diego Costa

Questions about Diego Costa should face Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, after a 2-3 defeat of Burnley in the first week of the Premier League, the top caste of the English League, the 2017-2018 season, Saturday (12/08/2017).

Antonio Conte has not made a decision regarding the fate of Diego Costa in the Blues, nicknamed the club.

The coach is known to have “fired” the Spanish national team striker via short message some time ago.

As a result, the curious reporters then asked Conte about the continuation of Costa’s career with Chelsea.

“I better not answer questions about Costa,” Conte told a news conference after the game against Burnley.

“I think the problem about him is just the past,” said the Italian man.

Because there has been no decision from the club between the sale or not, Costa still enjoy the holidays.

While Costa’s fortunes are in the “clouds”, Conte brings a new striker to the summer of 2017 in Alvaro Morata.

Morata himself scored one goal apiece and assist when his team lost to Burnley.

Willian Admits Can Offer from United

Willian Admits Can Offer from United

Winger Chelsea, Willian said Manchester United in the summer is interested to bring him.

Great interest, because for Jose Mourinho, he is considered appropriate to help the power of the Red Devils to ferret the Premier League and Champions League competition 2017-2018. Even the lack of opportunity to play under the direction of Antonio Conte last season so they continue to try to bring it.

Although happy to get an offer to join from United and Mou, but the 29-year-old player is still wanting a career at Stamford Bridge.

“There have been some talks with my agent, I’ve also worked with Mourinho and I became his friend as well,” Willian told the media.

“He really likes me and I really like him as a coach and his personality. He has trusted me and my work in the field and I thank him.

“Manchester contact me, they talk to my agent, nothing remains, because Chelea will not negotiate and I’m very happy at Chelsea.”